About Us

Who we are

We are striving each day to make healthcare more efficient, more effective and patients as healthy as possible. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products from all over the world manufacturers using quality assurance techniques that meet regulatory standards. Through our close partnerships with our customers, , we ensure the safe and effective delivery of our products to our customer with affordable price.

Our Team

Our team

Syed Sajid Amir

Regarding patient care, Syed believes everyone has a right to get the right treatment and enjoy a healthy life. He is a passionate visionary for the equality of patient care across the globe. He started this business in 1995. He moved to the USA in 2001 and raised his family in the USA. Syed’s strong independent work ethic and down-to-earth style have translated well in developing his entrepreneurial vision. Syed’s passion to help patients in third-world countries has taken him to many countries to find newly researched medicines & medical devices. Because of Syed’s efforts, BIOS MD Pharma Distributor Pakistan can provide all IV Cancer treatments to Pakistan and neighboring countries’ patients. He was educated in Microbiology, Bio-Chemistry & Chemistry at the University of Karachi. Syed has worked with many leading pharmaceuticals medical device companies in Pakistan. In addition, he is a great cook and outdoor man in his free time”.

Dr. Tanweer Hyder
Product Specialist

Dr. Syed Hasnain Alam
Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Muhammad Abid
Manager Marketing

Mohsin Ali
Research Manager

Manager Administration
Aun Ali

Manager Technical
Syed Ahsan Zaman

Biomedical Engineer

Sales Associate
Syed Khizer

IT Technical Associate
Syed Hamza


Our Commitment

Our commitment to provide the high-quality products in a controlled price. Our approach to personalize the customer service is straightforward and crystal clear. We know that medical devices we sell are used to save life, so we don’t make compromise on quality and strictly follow the science which should be approved by FDA & CE.


Our Prices

Among so many other advantages, we buy medical devices directly from manufacturers as an exclusive distributor, we offer most of the time lowest prices in the market without cutting a corners.